Crazy Dancing Turkey

Well I made it to post number five. This is kind of exciting to have things running full steam ahead. My son said I would never last this long. Ha! I think I will become a fan of blogging now. I hope all of you out there are enjoying my updates. If you have and special requests I would be more than glad to hear about them.

We have been visited by the crazy dancing turkey. You can see hes in quite a jolly mood. Unfortunately for him Thanksgiving is fast approaching. He may be this Thanksgiving turkey on our table this year. You never know. 🙂



Animated Pictures

For those of you looking for more animated pictures I would encourage you to check out my friends blog. Click that link above if you want to go there. It’s all about how to find some really spectacular animated images. I may have linked it wrong ( Sorry I’m kind of a newbie at this ). What is a newbie anyhow? My son keeps calling me this. I think it means new to something. Oh well. My son never thought I would get my blog up and running and here we are so yea.


Our featured graphic is of a truck on the run. No it really is running! Take a look at this hilarious truck running with a cape. Get out of the way! I think this truck wants to be a super hero or something.


Amazing Spider-Man Animation

Now lets be honest who doesn’t like Spider-Man? My son has been bugging me to post his favorite super hero for some time now so today’s the day.


In this featured Spider-Man image we see everyone’s favorite spider doing a cute little dance. Hey, even a hero needs some down-time right? The image itself is a bit small but I think you will all still appreciate it. Enjoy this with your family and friends. I will be back tomorrow with some more picture goodies!


Animated Apple

Welcome back to Jerry’s Animation Planet! I am glad you made it back here. If you want an easier way then using your noggin to remember my blog address consider throwing up a bookmark for my site. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook. For those that want to get in touch with me you can reach me through the contact page.

Now lets have a peak at today’s image. This animation picture is a lot of fun. I liked this animated apple because of the detail it shows as it moves. I hope you all enjoy it.

Animated Apple-47


Funny Animated Elephant

Welcome to my new blog called Jerry’s Animation Planet. As I’m sure you have probably already guessed I’m Jerry. I love animated pictures, icons, graphics, emoticons and wallpapers. I will be sharing my favorite with you in my daily postings. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with my posting schedule.

On my first post I wanted to share with you a funny animated graphic of an elephant in jeans. This one is lots of fun or should I say a ton of fun, literally. I may use this one for a project me and my son are working on. Well I will see you tomorrow!funny-elephant-5